Friday, July 17, 2015

There is humor in grief.

In January, we bought a bonded leather reclining sofa for our den. Unfortunately, it the material did not hold up, so a few weeks back, under the warranty, I ordered the top grain leather model, and scheduled pickup/delivery. Apparently, today was the day, because I received a call from "Furniture Row", and distinctly heard, "Funeral Home" (it was a cell caller who was driving with windows open). I immediately jumped up and panicked, shouting, "I'm not ready yet....I'm not ready yet! I want his ashes, but I can't do this NOW, why are they coming HERE??" Suddenly, my husband realized it was the furniture store calling, and no, they were not coming to the door to deliver my son's ashes. Those poor guys arrived to me freaking out, apologizing, and crying. I've never seen two delivery guys remove furniture and set up a new reclining sofa so fast in my life....ha

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