Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Having a really rough day. Oddly, worse than yesterday. But there have been some wonderful signs given to me today.

Earlier, Mark ran into a couple at the gas station who were panhandling. They had two dogs and told him they were off-the-grid people from AZ, heading to Taos. He filled their tank and told them about Joshua, how much peace and love he found in Taos during the final months of his life. He told them the gas was a gift from me and Joshua. Things in life certainly do align at times; don’t they?

Today has been so hard as I begin to prepare for the holidays. Crying most of the day, but as I finished doing a load of laundry, I looked down and saw something really remarkable on the floor. He left me this treble clef, and knowing his love and passion for music, it is so amazing. It's a thread from a pillowcase.  I'm overcome once again. Thank you Joshua. Your timing was perfect.

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