Wednesday, August 12, 2015

There is light in unexpected places.

This is how it goes. Feeling so very low tonight, and just deciding to go to bed since nothing else feels right. My husband was double checking the locks, and he came into the bedroom and said, "you need to see something", so I follow him downstairs and out the patio door. A few days ago, an old friend from nursing school sent a gift, as so many of you have. I put this little solar hummingbird in my jasmine, and then spent the next few days at work, honestly forgetting this hummingbird ornament was there. What a welcome surprise tonight when I needed it the most; watching this adorable little bird light up and change colors brightened my day. I have not been successful in writing thank-you notes quite yet, but I want each of you to know your words, cards, generosity, gifts, hugs, and even thoughts from a distance have sustained me through this dark time.

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