Thursday, March 31, 2016

Winter into spring.

My Season of Grief – Winter moves into Spring…flowers are on the trees.

Winter was my mood; my grief.
Frozen in time, dormant, but not dead.
Early darkness slipping into night.
A blanket of snow that smothers the life and light.
I found comfort in not having to turn to the sun, showing my face to its warmth.

The spring came upon me unexpectedly.
Warm winds blowing.
Flowers beginning to bloom as life marches forward.
I am not ready, but Spring will not wait.

I am not ready. I am not ready to step into the light of day.
The warm sun on my face.
The change of seasons that closes the dark winter around me.
The winter that brought me comfort.

Is it possible to move from my frozen place?
Am I ready to have my life move forward?
I am not healed. I will never be healed.
But, my heart honors my grief by stepping back into the light.
Moving forward into the sun; growing again.

I am not ready. Yet I feel my heart thawing in the warmth of Spring.

The sky is still overcast. But there are flowers on the trees.

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